Home Xbox Forum where can i buy (cheap) xbox live gold?

where can i buy (cheap) xbox live gold?


I need a place to buy xbox live gold. I have no idea how it works, so if you could recommend a website with explanation about getting xbox live gold, then this would help a lot as well.

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  1. Look at the xbox website to learn more. For cheaper subscription cards you can get those on amazon.com, its about $50 for 13 months, so its a lot better than what microsoft charges.

  2. Well Best Buy or any game store usually sell the card for an average price but it is cheaper to buy the year subscription for $50 because for just a month runs like $6-$8. Once you have your subscription make sure your ethernet cable is plugged in or if you got wireless that’s koo just make sure your connected and turn on your 360. From there go to I thinks its LIVE or MARKETPLACE.where it tell you if you want to start your live account and just follow the steps there! it easy and i believe you don’t need a credit card either! if so I think its just to make sure your of age but it wont charge it unless your trying to buy something like points or whatever! I hope this helped you in anyway!

  3. There is some good deals you can find if you have a credit card. i seen once before that you can get xbl for $1.00. But if you do something like that get a 3 month xbl because if you get a one month i dont think you can cancel it. reason being is because the 1month will continue until you cancel the credit card. You can also buy codes for membership at a gas station or walmart or gamestop. Also you get 3 free 1 month gold trials everytime you make a new account. good luck finding your membership.

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