Home Xbox Forum When you buy a Xbox 360?.?

When you buy a Xbox 360?.?


If you buy the Xbox 360 Premium Package it comes with the following:

Xbox 360 Console

Hard Drive (20 GB)

Wireless Controller



Ethernet Connectivity Cable

Component HD-AV Cable

Xbox Live Silver membership

Xbox Live Gold 30-day trial.

what is the Component HD-AV Cable and the Ethernet Connectivity Cable?is that all i need to play games or do i need more?

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  1. i assume u mean play games online. you need a gold membership and some way to connect to the internet. if u are close to ur router then use the ethernet or u can buy microsofts wireless adapter. the hd av cable is how u connect it to ur tv so that is necessary. so yes ur all set when u buy the premium package

  2. Yes, a Xbox 360 Pro includes all of those.

    A Component HD AV Cable is for people who have the red, yellow, and white cord plugs in there TV. There is also a button on it for a HDTV or normal TV.

    An Ethernet Cable is for people who want to connect to Xbox Live through a modem or router. Simply hook the ethernet cable from the back of your 360 to your internet source.

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