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When you buy a 40 GB ps3 do you get a charging pack for the controllers in the ps3 pack?



  1. I bought mine (40GB) from best buy last wednesday and got a usb connection. Oddly enough i bought a dualshock controller and that did not come with a usb connector fortunetly my girlfriend’s blackberry uses the same usb connector.

  2. The PS3 controllers charge via a mini USB cable that you connect from the controller to one of the USB ports on your PS3. You get one mini USB cable in the 40GB pack.

  3. No you do not get a charger. You use the USB cable supplied which enables you to charge and play at the same time. You can also charge it through your computer if you need to switch of your PS3. Good luck.lol

  4. No you don’t. You just get a controller with a small usb cable which connects to the ps3 and it charges like that. You will have to buy the charger pack thingy seperatly. Unless you get some sort of special offer or something.

  5. u dont. but you get a USB lead that u can charge it with. you dont really need a pack as you can charge them seperatly. they dont take long at all to charge so u dont need a charging pack.

  6. you don’t get one from gamestation , I couldn’t check the game website because it wouldn’t work.

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    You just get a USB cable that you plug into the PS3 to charge the controller. You can still the PS3 while the controller is charging.

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