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When will you be able to play music while playing games on ps3?


xbox 360 can do it and the playstation is better so why cant the playstation!

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  1. hopefully gta will have the options and once a game fianlyl comes out with it it shouldnt take long for other games to follow the lead

  2. Im not going to critisize you for getting a PS3. So all I can say is wait for the next update. If it doesnt have it then go get a walkman,mp3 player or PSP. The world isnt gonna end if PS3s’ dont play music. Plus any way you must know that the Xbox 360,Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, PSP, and GBA Obliterates the PS3.

    P.S You might say GBA’s,a DS, and Wii cant play music. Well your wrong. You can pull it off if you are smart. And in this case some people at Sony didnt pull of a smart move.in fact they did the total oppposite >__<. Im not a sony hater. I am not biased. I am a expert gamer and if your wondering if i owned a Playstation console.the answer is yes. But in this time of "Console Wars" It looks like the wii,360, and DS are at the top of the game!

  3. Hold on, it will be able to play music, but the games are just not out yest. GTA VI does have the option to play music while your in the car. But trust me this year Sony might add the option to do it. If the do il tell you some way or another.

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