Home Playstation Forum when will the price of the ps3 80gb drop?

when will the price of the ps3 80gb drop?


ohhhhhhhhhh comeon its been 5 months that i wanna buy a ps3 but its 400 dollars when is it gonna be 300 dollars or 350 dollars?

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  1. maybe later this year but still not certain

    Xbox 360 on the other hand is getting a price drop later this month and this year.

    Xbox 360 Elite is going down to $299

  2. This question again? LoL. It may drop at the end of this month either that or it may drop by Christmas. Everyone wants Sony to drop the price even ACTIVISION. I already bought mines man was it expensive but worth it. in way I’m helping the economy by buying the most expensive game console on the market. lol.

  3. When individual part prices drop (ie: CPU, GPU, Chips, etc). The part prices will drop when the prices for the raw materials drop, and those prices will drop when the raw materials become more abundant, or become easier to make or to get. But I would expect a price drop around the Holiday season, either before or after. Before, so more people are inclined to buy the PS3, or after, because Sony wants to get rid of holiday surplus. (lol it seems like yesterday when they were scrambling to make more because there weren’t enough PS3s to go around).

  4. Its rumored that sony will announce a price cut next week at Germany’s GamesCom event along with the new PS3 Slim, possible PSP Go! price cut, firmware 3.0, and a “New” PSN, also something insiders couldn’t tell reporters about. We will see next week tuesday which is in 3 days.

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