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When i get my hdmi cable do i still need the audio and video cables from my ps3 before i try it out?


i have a ps3 and i want to know

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  1. No, the HDMI cable carries both the audio and video signal.

    However, if you want surround sound, you may need to buy an optical audio cable and connect that to your receiver, while the HDMI cable is connected to your TV.

    Some TVs have a digital audio output, so you can connect the TV to your surround sound receiver. This is probably the better way to connect your PS3 if your TV supports this.

  2. When you install it, do it the easy way: Turn your PS3 off, unplug your a/v multi out, plug in your HDMI, switch your inputs on your tv to HDMI, and turn your PS3 back on. It will detect an HDMI connection and you can set it up from there. Just don’t wait too long to hit yes after that first screen comes up, or it will revert back to default video settings

  3. No sir! all you need is that cable you call HDMI.It gives you everything in one.Oh ya it imporves not only the picture it also improves the sound

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