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Whats the point in buying a 80 GB playstation 3?


Who needs 80 gigs for a video game system. I mean saving games cant possibly take that much memory. Are the 80 gb ps3s basically for people who like to record music and save pictures to their video game systems?

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  1. Well if you don’t see why someone would need 80GB for the PS3, what about 120GB for the Xbox 360 Elite? I think that an 80GB PS3 is just enough hard drive space. I’ll probably replace my 60GB PS3’s hard drive to a 100GB or 250GB in a year or so.

    Basically, Sony is catering to 2 separate types of customers by offering the 40GB and 80GB models.

    For the person that wont be downloading a lot of content and will mostly just be playing PS3 games, the 40GB PS3 is the console for them.

    The 80GB PS3 is for someone that will be involved with a lot of multimedia, gaming, and more. Not everyone is a hardcore gamer and some people just want enough hard drive space to last them for a little while. But on the other hand there are hardcore gamers that will be using their PS3’s for something other than a gaming console.

  2. Well, if you want to play PS2 games on your PS3, you need to get the 80 gb since the 40 gb doesn’t play PS2 games, and it’s almost impossible to find a 60 gb PS3 brand new in stores.

    Some people like to download a bunch of HD stuff from the PSN.

    Some people have a lot of CDs so they want to upload it to their PS3.

    You’d be surprise how much space game saves takes up now. In the old days, you can fit quite a lot on a 8 mb memory card, but now, 1 or 2 games can fill up that 8 mb.

  3. >>I mean saving games cant possibly take that much memory.< < You’d be surprised. I have a 60 GB that is already half full. So far I have ONE game (Rock Band), about 25 demos, one 20 minute audio file, and one 2 minute video file. Games are getting very large. Ridge Racer 7, for example, takes 5 GB. I fully expect I will need to replace the hard drive by the end of the year.

  4. Well you will need 80gbs because the 40gb you can’t play back to ps2 and ps1 games and because about 5 gbs are knocked off from not actually having 80gbs of memory plus all of the updates the demos and games you buy from the store and music maybe and also all of the saves so it all adds up.

  5. Well you have to remember. There are videos which can be up to 500mb (1080p), Demos which can be 2 gigs (GT 5 prologue is 5 gigs), pictures, and some games load on to the HDD to make load times faster, these downloads are usually 2GB’s or so but they can be up to 5.

    Personally I like the 60GB the best. It has the most features. The 80GB doesn’t have 100% backwards compatibility it has around 72%.

  6. the PS3, Xbox 360, and even the wii, are not just videogame systems any more. the days of “all this shiny box does is play videogames” are long gone. You can with each. go online (in different capacities) view movies. listen to music, etc. also some games in the future may actually need a harddrive to store game information on. Anyway, All of the consoles are trying to go beyond the scope of what they were in part to justify the cost and also to add the capablity of online updates to keep production costs down (making a big game that fits one disc can cost in the tens of millions)

  7. Your right, 80GB isn’t enough.

    I have 250GB in my PS3. i use mine as a media server as well as a bunch of other things.

    Don’t forget people install Linux and use the PS3 as a PC also.

    “PlayTV” is coming in the next few months as well. PlayTV makes the PS3 into a TiVo style DVR, a limited hard drive means not as meany TV shows and movies to save. lots of reasons for a big hard drive!

  8. i got the 80 an i already almost 30 Gbs on demos , i have 7 games, an all those updates an updates for each game, and add ons, so yea it adds up

  9. I hate it when people talk like that. Everyone is different. If your using the ps3 as just a gaming system you shoulda got the 20 gig when you could. But really it has the capabilities to do so much more. You can transfer music, videos, and pictures right from an SD card or USB memory stick and view then in glorious HD. And If your a photographer such a me you really enjoy the slideshow function in the picture section to view all your cool photos. Also you can download wallpapers and videos from the playstation store and I believe most of the videos are in mp4 format so they take up a bit more room and they are in HD so once again you need that hard drive space. Geez I remember always needing a bigger memory card for my game cube. Bigger is always better my friend. Just go to future shop every 6 months. First you see lap tops with 120 gig hard drives.Then you see laptops with 200 gig hard drives. What is so wrong with just advancing and enjoying?

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