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whats a good xbox 360 game?


iv got the cod series assassins creed and all of the “big games” with lots of hype. is there a good game that is good but you dont really hear about allot. like dead island, you hear about it but it doesnt get alot of hype. i prefer a game that has coop or multiplayer and i dont like games where you just get sent off alone or with one guy and take on the entire russion army. with the exception of sniping games and stealth. i have crysis 2. i like games that have an army to or a big squad. or a small team thats stealthy. i dont like games that r like arcade shooters were your this un killible tank like the cod serries.

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  1. Viva PiƱata, Castle Crashers, Full House Poker, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Splosion Man, Costume Quest, Doritos Crash Course, A Kingdom for Keflings, From Dust, South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!, Uno Rush, Aegis Wing, The Maw

  2. The Gears of War series is pretty good. The campaigns have a decent amount of length to them and have decent storylines. The multiplayer is fun, however on Gears 2, many people complain about lag. Luckily though, Gears of War 3 is coming out on the 20th, and they are going to have hosted servers to hold the multiplayer matches. Other than that, I would say look into Halo if you haven’t already.

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