Home Xbox Forum What Xbox 360 Headset should I buy?

What Xbox 360 Headset should I buy?


Something cheap but not as sh&%¤y as the normal that you get with the console

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  1. What do you mean by cheap? If you’re thinking less than $20 you’re SoL, the 360 headsets retail for that price. Everything cheaper than that price get about the same satisfaction rating. There are some for about $10 more that get only slightly better rating, and the ones with decent ratings start at $50 and go up.

  2. Turtle Beach headset’s are very good. There a little bit pricey, but they allow you to listen to the game through the headset and it has really good sound. Like you can hear enemy footsteps really loud on Call of Duty. The Earforce X12 is $60, but it’s worth it

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