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What should i get for my PS3?



I need a game to play on my ps3 coz i finshed the others it is june and i live in Australia can someone tell me a good game out now or coming out shortly that i could buy?

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  1. It actually worked this time I just got a PSN card code and it was legit! They gave me one for free from [url is not allowed]

  2. Mate i live in Australia (Sydney)

    I will recommend you buy:

    UFC Undisputed

    Resistance 2

    GTA IV

    Saints Row 2

    COD 4

    COD 5

    all of the above are out now

    if you need to get the money ready get the ones comin out soon

    which are:

    Gran Turismo 5

    Fight night round 4

    COD 6

    FUEL (11 Days to go)

    Need for speed Shift

    Sorry maybe FUEL would not be coming out in 11 days when you read it because im writing this message at 12:20 am you might be sleeping right now!

  3. Well I think I have the answers for you.

    Resident Evil 5 (a total reimagining of that franchise, loved it)

    Infamous (not the huge gamechanger, but still an excellent title)

    UFC 2009 Undisputed (a heck of surprise, its very well done and online is lots of fun)

    Prototype (this just came out yesterday, haven’t reviewed it yet but I was up all night playing it, nuff said)

    To me those titles their should keep you busy for a while, now to give you a look into the future of what supposed to be coming out in the next 6 months

    Heavy Rain


    Uncharted 2 (follow up to the blockbuster first one, a must own)

    God of War 3 (though it may slip to Q1 next year)

    Modern Warfare 2

    So as you can see there is a lot coming down the pike, most of the games I mentioned, you can check out the full reviews for on my site at

    [url is not allowed]

    Just look up top for the reviews tab, that will give you all the reviews we have written or you can just search for your favorite titles in the search bar, you will find info on all the titles I mentioned here.

  4. call of duty modern warfare 2

    motostorm pacific rift

    little big planet

    Gta IV

    saints row 2

    resisrance 1n2

    call of duty 5 and 4


  5. Elder Scrolls Oblivion.



    KillZone 2.

    Resistance 2.

    And many more!

    Also mention what games you finished.

    So it will be easier to suggest some for you.

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