Home Xbox Forum What should i change my xbox live gamertag to?

What should i change my xbox live gamertag to?


My gamertag right now is “Moment xD” kind of getting bored of it any ideas would be great:D

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  1. don’t go with x, cause it makes your gamertag looks wierd.

    go with something bold and special, like :





    “telitubbies killed dr. coconut with a headsho”t

  2. Whatever you do, please.Please.PLEASE don’t put that idiotic Xx, xx, or xX before and after your gamertag. You couldn’t scream tryhard dushbag any louder if you spilled a latte on your ed hardy shirt while using your laptop in a starbucks. As far as suggestions go, funny gamertags will probably get old fast, and nobody likes it when someone tries too hard to be cool, so just go with something that has meaning to you. I used mine to create my own new identity and break free from the false shell that life had forced me into. yeh, that was a lot of words, but what can yah do? its 2 in the morning and im sleepy as h3ll

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