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What is wrong with my ps3?


whenever i insert my cd game and try to play it i get this screen that says “Song commuter games present” and then the screen fades to black and stays that way. No buttons work no nothing, just black. I had to turn it off three times still the same. What is happening?
Update 2:
It’s a playstation 3 game 🙁

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  1. what type of cd? is it like vintage ps1 cds? cause if so, they removed emulation for that console, the only way you can play it on a ps3 now is if you have the very first set of ps3 which had the ps2 chip inside

  2. I’ve never heard of that message before. What game is it? Do you have a screen shot? More details would help to pinpoint the problem and provide a proper solution. Otherwise the only thing I can suggest is Safe Mode:

    [url is not allowed].

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