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What is the difference between the Xbox’s?


Can someone please explain to me in as much detail as possible what the differences are between the Xbox 360 pro and the Xbox 360 elite are besides color? I am trying to decide whether or not the elite is worth the extra $30.
Are u sure Bijan? Cuz I heard that it comes with different cables or something like that. And the slim is too expensive it’s like $300 when the elite is $230 and the pro is $200.
Update 2:
They still make the pros. I’m looking at bestbuy.com right now. And I was just at gamestop which had it.

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  1. the elite has a larger hard drive, a different color, it loads games quicker and can download from the marketplace quicker

  2. The hard drive size. The pro has a 60gb hard drive that comes with it. The elite comes with a 120gb hard drive. They dont make the pro’s anymre so i think you might be talking about the arcade and the arcade doesn’t come with a hard drive at all. You will save money in the end buying the elite because YOU WILL NEED A HARD DRIVE and a 60gb hard drive for xbox 360 runs about $100(by its self). So i recomned geting the band new Xbox 360 that just came out. It is smaller and has a 250gb hard drive and is only $300. So your best bet is to buy the newest one that just came out like a month ago. Hope this helped and have a nice day.

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