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What is the difference between a ps2 and a ps3? what are the big differences?


I want to buy a ps3 but it seems to me that the price is too much. Also, am not a big gamer, i just want to play it when am bored. Anyways, besides the fact that the ps3 has better graphics, and you can go on youtube and the internet, and save music and movies. What else of difference does it has?

Because i don’t need the ps3 to do all that. I already got a computer, i can do that here. lol

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  1. PS2


    DVD/CD player

    Online gaming

    That’s about it.


    -Blu-Ray player

    -Wireless controller that is rechargeable and has SIXAXIS motion-sensor

    -Communicate with people via voice/video chat and messaging

    -Store media inside the PS3

    -Amazing graphics

    -Online Play

    -Buy stuff off of the PlayStation Store

    -Use Remote Play to access your PS3 on your PSP system

    -Built-in Wi-Fi

    -Make internal memory cards for PS1/PS2 games (no PS2 compatibility on 40GB model)

    -Internet Surfing

    -PS Home coming soon!

    -OMG there’s more! I know there is, I just can’t think!

  2. Well, If you want to have real fun, you can play online against other people around the world (very cool). The fact the blue ray player is really expensive, it is built inside the playstation 3 so high detail for you. If i was aloud to choose between ps2 and ps3 i would highly recommend the ps3. Also usually the good games that come out for ps3 never come out for the ps2 like Grand theft auto 4, that’s like the best game.

    Dude i strongly agree on buying the ps3 because im not a big freak either but i dont know alot of things and alot of my friends have ps3 and they say its awesome so i would agree with them.


  3. honestly? the ps3 is fricken awesome. my h got his taxes, wanted one. he earned it so i said ok. we go to the store and he shows me the price tag. plus the other games he wanted. HOLY CRAP.

    well he got it, grins like a little kid in a candy store for like 3 hrs. hooks it up. and i see how much can be done with it. i put my camera memory card in it hit a few buttons and it was soo cool. instantly seeing everything. it does lots more except the kids have cartoons all day. so i have to wait until later in the 3evening.

  4. if you just complete a few quick tasks on this site they’ll send you a playstation 3, completely free of charge!!

  5. Very long list!

    Here goes:

    *Ability to play blu-ray movies

    *Has a harddrive for your media (video’s, music and photo’s)

    *Ability to surf the internet

    *The ability to add friends (PS3 PSN)

    *You can download firware which upgrades features on your PS3!

    *It has built in wifi

    *It is compatible with full 1080p resolution when used with a correct HD TV!

    *Has HDMi port for optimum graphics

    *Ability to install linux which turns it into a computer

    *Attach a keyboard and mouse for easier surfing

    *New wireless rumble controller to be released (DS 3)

    *Bluetooth for headsets and keyboards and mice

    Not really a fair comparison as they are 2 different generation consoles!

    Hope this helps!

  6. PS3 It has a web browser to surf the internet and watch youtube in hd on the big screen. You can goto any website and download music and videos straight to the ps3 from it’s web browser.

    You can have your psp connect to the ps3 using remote play and your psp will have videos , music and games streamed to it that are stored on the ps3 or on a connected external harddrive , the psp can even access the ps3 even though you are at a coffee shop and the ps3 is at home.

    The ps3 plays ps3 games (obvious difference)

    The ps3 goes full hd 1080p the ps2 can’t.

    The ps2 requires memory cards the ps3 has a harddrive.

    I can set the ps3 in another room(up to 60 feet away) and still use the controller to control it or play games.

    PS3 I can use a blue tooth headset for online communication.

    PS3 upscales regular dvds dvdrs to hd.

    The ps3 plays Blueray Movies as well as home brew dvds dvdr, cds, cdr, superaudio cds, but it doesn’t walk on water so don’t get it. It fails to be perfect.

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