Home Xbox Forum what is the better system to purchase xbox one or ps4?

what is the better system to purchase xbox one or ps4?



  1. It depends.

    Now that both networks have to pay for the online capabilities it boils down to games. Everyone whines about graphics and fps, who cares its an unnoticeable difference. The only difference between the consoles as said is games at this point.

    Kinect is cool, I have mine turned off by default and don't use it. But I love the games and controller is so comfortable. For example Ryse an Xbox one exclusive is an absolutely fantastic game. Lots of gore, story is amazing, and scenery beautiful. As with Halo 2 Anniversary coming out later this year.

    PlayStation (personally) has a weird feeling controller. But it does have some cool games like Last of Us (PS3) and even Planet side 2 (PS4). Those games are awesome but to me are two of very few great games on the console.

    I wrote an unbiased opinion here. As I said both consoles are great, but depending on what makes you more comfortable or gives more fun is what its down too.

  2. The ps4 s better than the xbox one period. The controller is made for bigger man sized hands compared to the xbox which is made for kids. The games are the same (unless you like games where you mash buttons ht it says to do on the screen like a 90s n64 game, then you will love ryse!)

    Ps+ gives you a free game every night and xbox gives you absolutely nothing for free.

    Most games are 1080p on ps4 and 720p on xbox one. Do you know who says this is not a big deal? Somebody who bought a 500 dollar system that isn't as good as a 400 dollar system lol.

    This is just a opinion from somebody that ACTUALLY owns both and doesn't just say that like most people.

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