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What is the best Guitar Hero Controller for PS2 to buy?


I am trying to make a wise purchase for my son’s Christmas present, on a good sturdy dependable guitar controller for the PS2 system. I’ve looked at both wireless vs wired (seems like the wired ones are better made? – form the reviews I’ve read) but I would really like to get him the wireless versions – but I keep reading reviews on different ones ie: the V by TAC, the Front Man.- Is the Hammer a good choice? I don’t know which one to purchase. any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. I recommend you get the black and white wireless guitar seen here:

    [url is not allowed]

    This is a very durable guitar. I bought this guitar about 2 months after the release of Guitar Hero 2 (about a year ago) and used it all the way up to the release of Guitar Hero 3. I don’t use it any more because I now have a PS3 and have to use the PS3 guitar. It still works just fine though.

    The buttons on it are easy to push, the tilt sensor, which is used to activate star power, works great, and the strum bar is very durable. I also have never had a problem with the guitar not working because of a bad connection.

    The only bad thing about this guitar is that it is rather expensive. Most places sell it for around $60 dollars.

    Other than that it is a great guitar and if you’re going to buy a guitar, I highly rec commend you buy this one.

  2. The Best for me is “ROCK GUITAR 2” because its applicable for Guitar Hero 1, 2 , rocks the 80’s and 3. its wired. compared to other controllers, its just $35.95.

    The most anticipated Rock Guitar II controller is finally here. Designed, engineered and refined under the most rigorous testing to ensure maximum resilience, the Rock Guitar II controller guarantees the best guitar experience on the PS2 platform.

    The Rock Guitar II includes a patent-pending recessed Start Button, a fine-tuned, highly responsive chrome whammy bar, and incorporates a heavy gauge coil spring for durability.

  3. Just make sure the guitar, whichever one you end up chosing, is NOT wireless. We bought a wireless one and it stops working every now and then. It was brand new and then just quit. We checked batteries, everything. Some people told me there are defects in them.

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