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what is playstation near?


im planning on saving up for a PS Vita, but what is Near?

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  1. Its sort of like geo caching.

    You mark your location using your vita at spots using 3g or wifi, and can drop gifts for people and other stuff for people who check in at the same location.

    You can also use it to find people with vita’s nearby and challenge them to matches, or check their high scores and try to beat them.

    There’s some other stuff, but i think these are the main features.

  2. “Near” will allow you to ping back and forth a location anywhere in the world. When your geo-data is found, there is a cloud server which contains items that can either be:

    -Near centric: These are like mini gift boxes and keys which allow you to treat Near like a stand a lone little mini game of “clue”. These can only be used when you boot up the Near app.

    -Near/Vita game centric: These are items which can be gifted by player who also used Near and gave gifts to those that where around when they sent a “ping”. They are used as DLC or special items inside actualy PS Vita games (i.e. you can find a key in on place, a box in a place 1 mile from where you where and than when you open that box, you can get a special machine gun for a Resident Evil game on the PS Vita).

    Near also has a kind of consumer and gamer friendly feedback area where it tells you what games people have been playing, what rating they give it and the games played by people in a certain area. You can choose to get involved with all this or go ninja and not have any of that information public and just lurk other peoples stuff.

    I will make my stuff public since I want to get into the fun and Near does not actually show any personal info anyways. Just the games and these rewarding, fun little gift mini-games.

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