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What is good on the playstation store?


I’m spending $40 on the PS Store and i want some suggestions.

I dont want any thing like flower or all that. prefer shooters and might get movies too.

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  1. I highly recommend the game ‘Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars’.

    It’s so addictive. I’m pretty sure it’s available as a demo so download that and see if you like it first obviously.

    It’s a driving football game :). I’m not a sports guy and i’m definately not a racing game guy. but this game just sucks you in and th online play is just awesome.

  2. Crash Commando is a great shooter for 10 bucks. If you like racing, then Wipeout or Gran Turismo Prolouge. Also, warhawk is good. A great game is Burnout Paradise. It is very good.

  3. The best game created is: Warhawk. Get it-it’s only $20 and has 3 expansions out-get those too. It’s a shooter where you can fight on foot, in jeeps and tanks, and planes. It has tons of game modes, and the maps are HUGE. It’s online only and loads of people play it over the world. Get the demo if you’re not sure- get that and there’s no going back.

    Check it out on youtube: ‘Warhawk’

  4. i dont know but i think starwars battlefront seems like a good game to me

    answer mine

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  5. There is some stuff but theres is nothing shooting you can get some for 50 but there is alot of boxing and there is a game for shooting and it is 19.99 i think its named mercernarie

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