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What is an xbox 360 elite?


I have heard of the Xbox 360 but what is the Xbox 360 elite?

Which one is better because I’m thinking of getting one.

And how do I get the xbox live thing? or is that different?

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  1. The Elite is a specific name for a version of the 360. Each version has a name. The other one sold is called the Arcade. The Elite is a black 360 which comes with a 120GB hard drive, standard/HD Audio-visual cables, wireless controller, Ethernet cable to connect to Xbox Live, and a headset for Live. It’s the better choice because of the hard drive though these are also sold separately and can be added to any version of the 360. Xbox Live is the private online service you play through your 360. You need a way to connect to it which requires an internet connection, an Ethernet cable or wireless adapter, and either a modem or router which your internet provider should give you.

  2. xbox 360 elite. why its a games console.

    sorry “/

    yeah. technically the elite is to become the new mid range xbox model as they should be bringing out a model called the super elite some time soon and have stopped production of the 60gb model. basically it is a standard xbox with a bigger hard drive – 120gb (the super elite will have 250gb hd) and all the extras. 1 month free xbox live, 2 controllers etc.

    as i said the elite is the mid range model as it is better than the xbox arcade which comes with very little to be honest and a bit less than the super elite which will have pretty much everything.

    as for xbox live. well that is an online service that, depending on which membership type you have will let do stuff like play online with other people and download demos etc. to get xbl you have to buy it.

    there are 2 types of live:

    silver – this comes with the xbox. it lets you download demos and stuff to your hard drive. it does not let you play with other people. this is free.

    gold – this lets you play with other people over the internet and have access to all the new stuff that is about. i’m not very good in this area as i don’t have xbox live. this is not free, it costs approximately £40 a year.

    hope this explains what you wanted to know.

  3. Xbox 360 Elites only have more Hard drive space. I would say save yourself some money and get a normal 360 becasue you can buy extra memory if you want it. Live you get 1 month free with the purchase of a 360. After that its $5 for 1 month. 3 months is $20. 12 months is $50 and when you buy 12 months you get an extra month free.

  4. Xbox elite is just the Arcade but with a hard drive for demo, extra content storage etc. I have the Super Elite which has a 250 gb Hard drive. You should get some form of storage, so i would suggest getting the Elite which has 120gb. You can get a years gold subscription for around £25, not £40, i have purchased 2 for this price so i would know. Hope that helps.

  5. For the NXE (New Dashboard Experience) Microsoft are only selling Arcade and Elite so I’m only doing those two for now.

    Xbox 360 Arcade Details: Wireless Controller

    256MB Memory

    Headset Sold Separately

    Internet Cable Sold Separately

    Av Cable (HD sold separately)

    Xbox Live Silver (More about that later)

    All Xbox 360 games work.

    Xbox 360 Elite Details: Wireless Controller

    120/250GB Memory


    Internet Cable

    Av Cable (HD sold separately)

    Xbox Live Silver (More about that later)

    All Xbox 360 and over 300 Xbox games work.

    Xbox Live: Xbox Live Silver: Free

    Download Free Demos.

    Buy Movies and TV Shows

    Download Arcade games

    Game Ad-ons

    Get more things for your Avatar.

    Voice and Text chat

    Xbox Live Gold: All of the above and

    Play Games online

    Video Chat

    Facebook & Twitter

    Exclusive discounts.

  6. Ah yes choices

    The Elite is a package deal, it is the xbox 360, with a HDD included and wireless controller, a headset and so on! On the Arcade you get a mere Memory unit with 512Mbyte storage space.

    The HDD is required for Updates when you desire to play online so if you seriously desires to play online you kinda require the HDD. The HDD comes in 20Gbyte, 120Gbyte and I belief there was a 250Gbyte version. However what matters if that you get the Elite, it is only a bit more pricey then the Arcade but what you get extra with it is going to cost you allot more if you have to buy it later.

    Definitely the price for the HDD! Microsoft asks allot of money for their custom HDD’s. Trust me you will be shocked at the price of them! And then we haven’t yet talked about the close to a $100 dollar Wireless attachment. Yes the Xbox 360 doesn’t has wireless out of itself instead requires an attachment. And again only the official ones work.

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