Home Xbox Forum what are xbox 360 turtle beach headsets for?

what are xbox 360 turtle beach headsets for?


do you hear the sound from the tv through the headset instead? where do you plug them in? and are they any good?

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  1. I have a pair of turtle beaches. They are excellent. They boost the base so (in call of duty) it’s easier to hear footsteps of other players etc. You plug them into the USB bit at the front of your xbox and then into the red and white wire ports at the back of your television. You get the sound through your headset that you would normally get through your tv but you could still have the volume on the tv if you wanted at the same time. I would recommend them, they are very comfortable and can keep the noise of guns down at night when parents are sleeping!

  2. Turtle beaches are headset used to improve your gaming. Turtle beaches has a chat volume to increase the sound of your Xbox live party chat or your regular communications through game chat. It also has a game volume which increases the sound of your game. They can go very loud. They are mainly used in shooting games because you are able to hear sounds (such as enemy footsteps and an enemy planting a bomb) that others usually cannot with speakers. They plug into your xbox using a USB cable and into your TV using HDMI cables. If you are a hardcore video game or play alot of First person shooters, I recommend these due to the fact it gives you an upper advantage since you are able to pinpoint enemies easier. If you rarely play video games I do not recommend these since there quite expensive, the cheapest ones being Turtle Beach x11’s which cost around 70$. I do play alot of Call Of Duty, so these help my gaming quite abit so they are very good. I hope this helped man! 😀

  3. Turtle Beach headsets for Xbox are one of the premier audio devices for a serious gamer. You do hear, in extraordinary detail the sounds from the T.V. allowing you to quickly react to the footsteps of enemies. Personally I have PS3 but i would assume you would plug them in in one of the slots on the front of the XBOX. They are of supreme quality and will help you to become better at games, mainly first person shooters.

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