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Want tips on how to keep your PS3 working properly?



the PLAYSTATION 3’s “Safety and Support” manual clearly states that the PLAYSTATION 3 unit to operate within temperatures of 41F – 95F

Do not place your PS3 too close to the wall

If your PS3 is placed on a closed space, place it atleast 4-6cm away from the walls

Usually you should not allow your PS3 to exeed 20-35F higher than the current room temperature

Place a thermometer on the wall just behind your PS3 to prevent it from reaching high temperatures

Many people have said that Vertical is Better or Horizontal is better, but actually this only depends on your PS3’s possition try experimenting with it by adding a thermometer on the back and play a game on one possition for 30 minutes and record the temperature, then try it on the other possition and play a game for 30 minutes and record the temperature, which ever one has the lowest temperature is my best recommendation

When your PS3 encounters an overheat it usually turn’s on and the power LED blinks 3 times or you will get a Yellow light blinking and then shuts down

If your PS3 encounters an overheat (barely happens), put it somewhere where there’s alot of airflow and away from any type of moisture. Also Windows are not recommended

One of the other causes of an overheat is enabling “Remote Start via Internet” while your PS3 is inside a closed cabinet, since the Remote Play system is not perfected (YET); the PS3 starts unintentionally if your PS3 is connected through some routers that are not 100% compatible with Remote Play/Remote Start. Good thing Sony made a feature which automaticlly shuts down your PS3 if it’s not connected to a PSP within a few minutes (This is only bad for those PS3’s who are not updated with the latest firmware releases, since the latest firmware has an auto-off when a PSP is not connected in a given time)
Preventing BD-Failures

BD Failures happen when you’re using a scratched up disc or over playing ,

I recommend not playing more than 3-4 hours at a time

Check your discs for anytype of smudges

Consider buying HDD titles sometimes to keep the usage 50-50

Everytime a you update your PS3 firmware, always test your BD drive by playing a movie or game by: -Shadow_Spawn-

I recommend cleaning your PS3 atleast once a week to prevent dust from comming in

Use a low powered vaccum to suck out the dust out of the PS3’s vents, remember to keep the vaccum atleast 2-3cm away from the PS3

If you using a can of air, use the tube straw and let it blow from 4-6cm away from the PS3 (make sure tube is in correctly as it may fire the tube a damade your PS3) (DO NOT Spray the can upside down as it will release a freezing moisture that may damage electronics)

If you’re cleaning off the outside of your PS3 (Mainly the top and the chrome areas), use a microfibre cloth. The Playstation 3 is prone to scratch easily, typically a microfibre cloth will prevent this. NEVER use paper towels or any other paper based materieals. Including regular hand towels. – By: Rayvolution
USB Burn-outs

Usually when USB ports “Burn out” it’s usually from using a USB hub that’s sucking more power than 1 port can handle

Equipt your USB hub with it’s external power, if it’s handling more than 3 ports at the time

I recommend buying a USB 2.0 hub with external power so not too much power will be used from one of the USB ports from your PS3 (Remember, some USB Hubs DO NOT have external power)
Shut Down Correctly

Sometimes when users of the PS3 don’t have a clue to shut it down correctly, they tend to get errors

Before ever shutting down the PS3 you must first quit the game via Home Menu or in-game-xmb and select “Quit game” by: gtmartin69

The best way to probably shut down your PS3 is through the remote, hold the PS until you see “shut down system” and X on yes

The other was is to just push the touch sensitive pad on the PS3 until it beeps


When going to vacation, power off the PS3 CORRECTLY (as mentioned above) THEN flip the power switch on the back to insure no short-circuiting or Technical Problems Due to Electrical Storms by: xXCharlieXx and then unplug it just for added safety by: gtmartin69

When your PS3 EVER freezes, NEVER EVER shut down by flipping the switch on the back (as always) as that may cause you to get errors on your PS3, shut it down by holding down the power touch sensitive pad on the PS3 until it beeps a second time by: reveh

During normal PS3 Operations, use a surge protector (any SP *should be good), As your region may face a flash storm or flash flood which may cause incorrect power to run within powerlines leading to your PS3, This would also benifit your TV as the majority of TV’s are prone to power surges by: ccubsfan
Fan Tests

Even through common sense, Fan tests should not be done on your PS3 even if you have the 40GB or C80GB (Core 80GB), If

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