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Umm.where’s my ethernet?


The xbox comes with an ethernet cable to play online.where do I plug it into? Am I supposed to have a jack in my wall somewhere? What is it supposed to look like?

Also, how many gigs does it take to download a demo? My friend said a demo is like 7-8 gigs but I checked the xbox site and it said the halo wars demo was 1 gig and the re5 demo was half a gig.

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  1. Ok in the back towards the left is going to be a input that looks like a phone cord but its not plug in your ethernet cable to there then go to your modem you know the internet box with all the green lights there should be a open ethernet input unless you have a old model modem it should have like 4 open one if not disconnect the yellow cord and plug in your cord you know the one you should have pluged into your xbox and games are about 1 gig to a gig in a half

  2. the ethernet cable it has to be plugged in the back of the 360 to a modem so you can play online and the gigs depends on the memory space of your XB360 and the size of the demo.

    hope it helps

  3. 1) An ethernet cable is not going to get you anywhere if you don’t have broadband internet access. Most modems and routers (including wireless ones) have a plug on the back (it looks like phone jack, only larger) and you plug devices into that. If your router is far away, either get a long ethernet cable or buy the wireless adapter for the 360. Once you do this, you may have to configure your modem/router so that you can get your 360 online. Then you’ll need to get an XBox Live account of some sort set up.

    2) Depends on the game. Some are quite small, others large. Some Live Arcade demos are actually the whole game which you unlock with purchase–you can look at the file size before downloading.

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