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The PS3’s potential?


I’m thinking about purchasing a PS3 but there is one thing that might stop me from buying one. There aren’t as many games as the 360 but the games that there are(Killzone 2, MGS4, Rachet and Clank Series) all seem great. Some of my question’s are- will there be more games in the coming years? I heard stuff such as- the 360 has already reached 90% of it’s potential and that the PS3 is going to take time and is only getting started. I’m a casual gamer, not more than 10 hours a week. I’ll admit that I’m a bit biased towards Sony because I’ve owned a PS1, PS2 and a PSP.

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  1. ps3 is better it has blu ray for better picture and exclusive games like god of war which is awesome with uncharted motorstorm killzone risistance 2 infamous and alot more

  2. yo ps3 is coming with new games like a saw game and infamous came out and its good and prototype alot of games are coming out and why do u only want ps3 exclusives theres games for both consels like batman and i think call of duty is for both consels do not only buy exclusives games

  3. For the ps3 there will be many many many more games to come. im thinking of getting one too im actually going to. the game infamous is probably a great game it got a 9.0.everybody thinks the 360 is better their leading game is halo and personally those are getting old and I’m getting sick of them. you can go to gamespot.com. and see more information and ratings on the upcoming games. go to the sources and you will see the ps3 is far better than the 360. and just so u know i have a ps2 with 50+ games myself and a 360.

  4. I hope so. I have both a PS3 and an Xbox 360. I started with a PS3, but there weren’t many good and exclusive games. One day I looked at the Xbox 360 game list, and the games seemed much better, so I got one and I love it. Hopefully there will be. I hardly ever play my PS3, it just sits in the corner with a layer of dust on it. At first, even though I didn’t play it much, I was happy I had one, because at least I had FF13 to look forward to. But then I found out FF13 will be released on the Xbox 360. That sucks. lol. But at least we have vs. 13 to look forward to.

    I used to prefer my PS2 over my Xbox, but PS has been slipping. Maybe because of their first price, so not many people got one which gave the 360 a huge advantage. Maybe thats why a lot of the good PS exclusives have began coming to the Xbox 360, because they’ll make more money. I hope so, I don’t want to have brought it for nothing. And yes, Killzone 2, and MGS4 are great, but I can’t say much about Ratchet and Clank. Idk if the PS3 will get more, but maybe the PS4 will turn out better than the Xbox (720?). And yes, I do recommend the PS3. And there are more good exclusives.

    Idk if it will do any better, but maybe the PS4 will surpass the Xbox (720?) in exclusives.

  5. yep sony has better exclusives if you want depth, but if want to to just shoot things and not really care then the 360 is good too. Developers cant do much with the 360 because its not much different from last gens systems, but the ps3 uses completely new tech, some of which wont even be available for PC for several more years. Just look at Versus XIII, you can actually see the thread count in Noctis suit and thats Real Time graphics. and thats not even near the systems full potential. It will take some time before the system gets maxed out. I would think that the PS4 will be releasing by the time developers figure out everything in the PS3. which will be another 6 or 7 years.

  6. Then you are foolish to believe such a thing.

    Anyways it’s not like your gonna buy ALL the games and Sony has ALOT of games trust me.

  7. wat u have to realize is that, yes the 360 has more games but not all of them are games u would want to play. most games appear on both systems anyways and Sony s coming into its stride this year with all the exclusives they have and all the one that’s are to come. even psn is slowly but surely catching up to x box live. i suggest buying a ps3 because of the whole 10 year plan Sony has for all their systems. the proof in that plan can be shown by the fact that the ps2 and the psp are still around. ps3 is going to keep getting better and better. you just wait.

  8. yes my friend you are correct.

    You seen E3 2009? sony wiped out xbox and wii.

    gran turismo and Mag are coming only onto ps3 and its mad that on mag ther gonna be like 200+ people in 1 room like a game like on call of duty playing all at once.

    some exclusives which are out/coming out

    uncharted 2

    god of war

    tekken 6


    resistance 2

    killzone 2

    motorstorm (sick online play)

    uncharted 1

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