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stick it to the man ps4?


Isn’t this game supposed to be released today for ps plus? Why isn’t it in the store?

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  1. Why do people have add their little comments in an attempt to make people look stupid? Apparently not everyone who owns a playstaion product knows that. I own a ps3 and a ps4 an was not aware of that. Also If that is the case then why are new games available at 12am on ps storethe day that they are released? Also I’ve downloaded other new content the day it was released before that time. So please keep your uninformed sled riotous comments to yourself if you can’t control your delusional sense of how intelligent you are

  2. the store doesn’t update until after 2 pm pst , its way too early to look for new content and store updates

    everyone who owns a ps3 , vita or ps4 should know after a few weeks that the store updates in the afternoon on tuesdays and it won’t be until at least 2pm pacific ( 5 pm EST ) , it could be as late as 8 or 9 pm PST

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