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Skyrim Xbox 360 ad on?


I got dawn guard and I want to know which side to go with the vampires or the hunters and why

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  1. I started the ad on as a werewolf but I arived at harkons castle and imediatly acepted his gift and became a vampire lord and honestly it was the best desision in the game I made I accesed powers such as vampires grip which let’s you pick up almost every enemy I killed a giant instantly using this power with the vampire drain spell which let’s you absord helth from enemys.You can also summon a gargole it uses vampire drain and it atacks with its claws you can also teleport a few inches away from where you are by turning into bats you can also use bats to atack your enemies you can also transform into mist (invisible) to evade your enemies while you heal.You can also float and water while a vampire lord which alows you to cross rivers and seas withou being atacked by slaughter fish.The story alows you to go to new places such as the soul cairn which is a place where souls go after death where you battle a dragon you also get to meet the snow elfs (falmer)which do not atack you although you will take part in a battle between a powerful snow elf who was turned into a vampire and went crazy.You can also use the power of auriels bow and seranas blood on elven arows to shoot the sun and you will be in darkness for a day and you can do this as many time as you wish.

  2. vampires and simple to be a vampire lord well you do either way but the dawngaurd ask you to cure your self you dont get hassled but the vampires

  3. Joining Dawnguard grants you access to Fort Dawnguard. The unique benefits of joining the Dawnguard include various new weapons and armor to fight vampires, including crossbows. Furthermore, Dawnguard members will also be able to “hire” Armored Trolls, which serve as temporary followers.

    Joining forces with Harkon allows you to become a Vampire Lord – the paragon of the species. One ability is confirmed as Vampiric Grip which suspends an enemy in the air with telekinesis as their health is drained. Other powers and abilities include summoning a gargoyle, hovering above the ground and transforming into a cloud of bats.

  4. Go with the Dawnguard. Dawnguard has access to the strongest bow in the game, the Enchanted Dwarven Crossbow. The Dawnguard can also buy special Dawnguard armor that resists vampiric attacks, and can buy spells and weapons that do extra damage to vampires. Compare this with the vampires who can’t even fight in the sun *SPOILERS until after the main quest. Also, little known fact, the Dawnguard can still become vampires later on.

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