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Should I trade in my old Xbox 360 for the new Xbox 360 Slim?


I saw the new xbox 360 slim and now I really want it. Now, I want to know how much money I would get for trading in my current xbox 360 pro, 20 gb harddrive, wireless N adapter, and a wireless controller. These trade ins would be at gamestop. So i would really appreciate it if you could help me!

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  1. i dont thinkk you would get much maybe 40 dollars if ur lucky. i have the new xbox and its amazing its the first one i owned and hate putting the controller down.

    You have a very old version so i would upgrade if were you. The new xbox slim does not come with hd cables just standard and also built in wifi just in case you didnt know

  2. No you shouldn’t. There’s really no big difference but the memory.

    But if you need a lot of hardware space, go buy it.

  3. There’s a couple reasons to upgrade to a new Xbox 360 w/250g (don’t freaking call it a “slim” because it isn’t):

    1. For the built in wireless

    2. For the big hard drive

    3. For the built in Kinect adapter

    4. For a new Xbox because your older one is giving you problems

    You already have wireless, and your xbox works fine. I also doubt you need the bigger hard drive and are not even interested in any of the Kinect games that are coming out soon.

    So why bother? Because it’s cool? Well in your case, it’s a waste of money.

  4. I think you should get the new one

    Xbox 360 S Pros

    – Nearly silent when compared with the original 360.

    – Smaller with a slimmer look.

    – Built in wireless N and its fast.

    – Integrated optical audio.

    – 5 usb ports.

    – Internal, but easily accessible 250gb HDD on the bottom of the console.

    – Uses half the power of the original.

    – Works with most of the old accessories, including the transfer cable.

    Xbox 360 S cons

    – The IR receiver is located lower on the console and appears to have a narrower field. So depending on setup using a remote maybe a headache. 

    – Only comes with standard def av cables. 

    – Does not use the old memory cards or hard drives. 

    – Touch sensitive buttons that when touch emit a soft tone. 

    – Kinect ready socket in the back.

    New Xbox 360 S

    [url is not allowed].

  5. I think you should do it. If you simply sacrifice the items that ur thinking about trading in, you’ll get the beautiful xbox 360 slim. Its by far better then the old xbox. I can tell that you really want to trade it in, and I support you.

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