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Should I get the PSP 3000 or PSP GO?


I wanted to maybe get the Assassins creed PSP in November, but that’s around the time that the PSP GO comes out. So I’m not to sure.

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  1. if you have a UMD colection that you want to be able to use than get the PSP 3000.

    the PSP go is better in every way. bigger screen internal memory. except it doesnt use UMDs. it download games directly off the web.

    if you want to Crack your PSP. (costom firmware) try to get a psp 1000 or 2000. they are eazer to crack.

  2. I own a psp 3000 and i love it but im going to sell it and with extra money i have im going to buy the psp go for a few reasons.

    the psp go is a slider so it protects the buttons when in your pocket.

    it is smaller and lighter

    the games r downloaded of the playstation store so u dont have to carry around UMD’s

    it has a faster processor than the 3000

    it has bluetooth so u can use headsets. (and if im correct u should be able to teather it ur phone so u could use ur phones 3G internet)

    it has a 16GB built in memory

    its just all around awesome

    and eventually all game systems will only have downloadable games, its just going to happen and if people dont like the concept they r just gonna have to get over it, its the way of the future lol

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