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Should I buy a Xbox 360 slim if I have a Xbox fat?


I have an old Xbox but it is Hella loud in My tiny room. I don’t know if I should get a Slim when the price drops after the Xbox One canes out. I will not be buying a next gen system for at least 1 1/2 years after it comes out. And yes money is an issue. Sorry that was scattered around!

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  1. What you should do is wait until later this year and buy a ps4 for Christmas that way you won’t have to buy another console until like 2018 and you can save money.

  2. Is their any other difference between the two? I wouldn’t spend the money on something else if what you have still works unless thy are gonna give u a good trade in price for the old xbox. That’s my opinion. I’m all about saving money.

  3. If your fat Xbox runs fine and the only thigh you have to complain about is the sound the disc reader makes, then don’t spend the money to get a slim (unless the price takes a big drop when the Xbox One comes out)

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