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Should I buy a Xbox 360 or wait for the new console?


Im kind of really bored, and 360s are only $250 at the movement for the 250gb one.

But I’ve been hearing more rumors about the new generation of gaming consoles coming out closer to the holiday season of 2013.

Should I just buy one, or should I wait and possibly get fooled by false information?

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  1. if you can hold on that long then yeah maybe get the new one next year however that is a year away so if I was you I get the xbox360 now your missing out hope this helps

  2. i would buy an xbox 360 theres so many rumors going around i wouldnt waste your gaming time waiting for false products

  3. Those new generations of game consoles were just rumors and haven’t announced it yet. It might be come out until 2014. So, if I were you get an xbox 360 now.

  4. I would suggest you buy the Xbox 360 slim. Yes, Xbox 720 is coming. And yes PS4 is coming. But it won’t come in 2013, but 2014. And even if it came in 2013. It would be at the end of the year.

    So it would be best if you bought the Xbox 360 slim now. Cause it will be a long time before the next consoles come. Oh, you can also start saving money after you buy the Xbox 360 slim so when the Xbox 720 comes, you can afford it. If you’re short for money when Xbox 720 comes though, you can always sell your Xbox 360 slim to buy it.

    Hope i helped 🙂 Enjoy your time on Xbox live.

  5. the new console hasn’t even been officially announced yet. Everything is just rumor yet somehow people on here think it’s going to be coming out soon. Dunno why but unless you want to be bored for a year or two just get the 360

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