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sending my xbox in for repair will they send me a new xbox?


i have a first generation xbox that recently got an e74 error i still have a few months left on my warranty and im gonna send it in for repair. My question is will they send me a new upgraded xbox so i do not have to worry about getting this error anymore i was also gonna stick two small screwdrivers between the fans and let the unit run so it would overheat and fry it i figured if i did that they would have no choice but to send me a new one vs making a repair

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  1. They r going to try to repair it first and see if they can fix it first, if u do tht then u might get a new one but there is no guarentee, i think u might as well try bcuz it will get fixed anyway if u dont get a nee one so u arent really losing anything if they dont give u a new one

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