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Returning something to GAMESTOP?!?


Can I return an xbox one to gamestop?

Yesterday I bought an xbox one from gamestop, and I don’t like it. Is there anyway I can return it for a full refund?! I have the receipt

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  1. Nope, unless it was a used game and you can say it didn’t work. No retailer will take back a opened game, unless you can prove it is a defected copy ( but you might have to call xbox for that )

  2. Ring them and ask.

    and don’t listen to the idiot that said dent it, we can tell if a unit has impact damage. There are LITERALLY break boards built into the unit to tell us.

  3. Put a dent in it and say when you opened it there was a dent in it and you want your money back. it worked for me and my PS3

  4. Not if you’ve opened it. Here is a link to what is written on the receipt you couldn’t be troubled to read: [url is not allowed].

    What I can’t imagine is why someone would spend that much money on on item without researching it first.

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