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Regular Xbox live cost?


About how much is regular xbox live cost?

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  1. Gold Membership

    Xbox LIVE Gold is a premium membership that lets you play games with friends online. Gold membership includes all the features of Silver (below) plus additional benefits and features.

    one-year subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold is only $49.99

    You can also purchase Xbox LIVE Gold cards at your favorite game retailer for a three- or twelve-month membership.

    Silver Membership

    Xbox LIVE Silver is a free service that allows any Xbox 360 user with a broadband connection to get online and interact with the Xbox LIVE community.

  2. Well it depends, if you have the adapter, you can get it for a year for 50 bucks. Btw, they no longer sell the equipment for regular Xbox, only for Xbox 360. The adapter you can get at EB Games or Gamestop for $75-$100. But I suggest getting it off the internet for about $30.

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