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red lights of death?


I was playing call of duty 4 modern warfare and then the red lights of death came on my xbox 360 is this bad do i have to get it fixed thx?

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  1. i did fix it myself manually and didn’t give it back to microsoft

    its easy and you can do it yourself look at that website ( step by step repair guide )

    [url is not allowed]

  2. no u dont need to get it fixed. if it works well dont get it fixed. duh what do u think u should do?

    actually u should take it in. but the onlt problem is that when u take it in the xbox 360 will take forever to get that back. what u should really do is. have a fan to cool down the xbox 360 when u are playing is so the xbox 360 wont over heat.

  3. It all depends on you. How many quadrants of the ring were red and which ones? Each means a different thing. You do have a 3-year warranty on it so it’ll be free to repair but you have to ship it in (also free) but it’ll take a few weeks to get back.

    As far as a cooler, I’d stay with a room fan instead of an intercooler that hooks to the xbox. Some old intercoolers would melt the back of the xbox and void the warranty.

  4. i havent had a problem eather. i have a intecooler for it. i had mine since 1-1-07. mine does not over heat and still no problems and i still have waranty. back of my dam case if u think the nyko intercooler will ruin the warranty.

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