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Question about ps3 trophies?


I wonder if someday the trophies we gain from playing games can be used to get game updates,map packs,downloadable content instead of buying all the dlc? Im thinking about something similar to the xbox 360 points system

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  1. Uh, no. Trophies are nothing but bragging rights.

    Download content costs money to produce, which is why you’re charged for it.

    Game updates are required if you’re connected online.

  2. Way back when, it was hypothesized that trophies would be used to purchase items in Playstation Home but nothing has yet to come of that. For the record, things bought in Home are just add-ons for the game/community itself.

    While it would be interesting if that happened, I don’t think that it will because PSN’s current card/cash system works pretty effectively. If it’s not broken, then there’s no need to fix it.

    I’m certain that others would want the trophies to = cash, but I think that there are also many like me who see them as “bonus” materials for games; nothing more, nothing less.

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