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PS4 or Xbox one? (read details)?


About half and half of my friends are getting the xbox one and the ps4. I know that the ps4 is better by a little bit, mostly because of price. I am leaning towards xbox because i LOVE forza 5, halo, deadrising, and i really want to try titanfall. I also had the xbox 360 so i know microsofts system, controller, etc. But then again, the ps4 is a little better and its less expensive.

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  1. Well you’re gonna get a ton of PS fantrolls saying PS4 just cause, but if you are leaning towards XB1 and there are a ton of Xbox only games you want, then get the Xbox.

    It is more expensive than the PS4 right now, but if price is more of an issue than time, you could always wait a while for the price to come down, though that might not be until next year. So that much is up to you.

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