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ps4 new cell processor?


so when the ps4 comes out in 2012 the earliest , it could be a little later anways if they put a new processor that prob isnt as powerful as the one they have in ps3, will playstation home still be playable if you can even try to play it on ps4 and im assuming backwards compatible will not be an option for the exclusive ps3 games which require alot of power.

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  1. What makes you think that there will be a PS4 in 2012?

    And what makes you even think that you understand what hardware Sony will use?

    You obviously know nothing really if I want to know what the future for the Playstation is I would not go to Paraganostics.

    Wait until sony speaks about the PS4 then return to us.

  2. Why would the PS4 processor be less powerful than the PS3? That doesn’t make sense. If anything the PS4 processor should be more powerful than the PS3 processor. Since when have any company taken a backward step?

    If the PS4 processor is going to be less powerful than the PS3 processor, why not keep the PS3 processor. By 2012, companies should be extremely familiar with the PS3, so they can make games that are on par with the next XBox or next Nintendo system.

    I don’t think HOME requires that powerful of a processor. Even if it did, there are tricks. Make the world bigger and then as the avatar travels from place to place, load the info in the background, much like how God of War works. There’s no loading time because everything is running in the background.

    I think backward compatibility is going to be a thing of the past. If companies want to make a system BC and still sell it at a reasonable cost, they’ll have to sacrifice graphic and performance improvements. The BC PS3 is expensive but look at the improvements in graphics and power. The Wii is fully BC and cheap, but look at the graphics and power. It’s barely better than a GC.

  3. PS4 is a long way off as of now. Anyways, PS4 will probably smoke the current PS3 as in no way will PS4 be weaker than the PS3. Probably PS4 will use multi-Quad core processors if they ditch the Cell cause by 2012, Quad core will be standard.

    Home obviously will be carried on to the PS4 with new features as well. Currently Home community went over 10 million which is a phenomenal and so it will still be there on PS4, but B/C is a question which will arise since if Sony ditches the Cell (which the rumors are going around), then B/C will be a real problem as emulating what Cell did is no joke cause it completely requires different coding. Just like how PS2 and PS3 are very different from each other, thus putting the B/C out of question, so will be PS4 and PS3 if they use a normal Quad core to make it easier for developers to develop for it.

    Either ways, it’s a long way off and so we shouldn’t worry now. Sony will probably think something out. I for one believe Sony will ditch the Cell for PS4 as we have seen so many devs Cry about the PS3 development (cough Valve cough). Although powerful, Cell still is difficult to tame and so I won’t be surprised if PS4 used a different approach.

  4. first of all , it’ll be at least 2016 , Sony officials said so many times that the ps3 would have a minimal 10 year lifespan before any new console. that’s a verifiable fact.

    second , why would the next system have a slower processor? they aren’t downgrading a successor , it will be an improvement , will still be able to use the same downloadable software like playstation home and will probably be about the same increase in power as the ps3 was over the ps2. seriously , what business ever said hey, buy this new product , it’s not as good as the one you have but you should buy it anyway?

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