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ps3 will not load the games i put in?



  1. You might wan’t to go on youtube and type in “how to clean the ps3 blu ray lens” more than likely that’s what the problem is. i would do it if your warranty is up, if it’s not up then just see what playstation will do. and if you end up cleaning the lens, i reccomend do it on a cleaned off table and put the screws where you can find them because they are very small and could be lost eaisily

  2. Does it come up with an error message or just flat out not load. both aren’t good things I am afraid.

    Most common case is that the laser reader in your PS3 has broken. But firstly a few steps you could take.

    The PS3 has 2 lasers (3 if you have an original “fat” back-tracking PS3 that plays PS2 & PS games) 1 for Blu-Rays/Games & 1 for CD’s/DVD’s. Try placing a movie or CD in your PS3 and see if it runs. If so then get a CD cleaner disc and give that a whirl in the system. Most times this won’t work, purely because the CD/DVD laser is reading the CD cleaner disc, but on the off chance it might clean the Blu-Ray laser. If it doesn’t read then both your lasers could be broken. Your best option is to ring Sony, if still in warranty and send it off to them for repairs, they will just replace the lasers and it will work good as new.

    Otherwise find a third party company that fixes PS3, Xbox etc. and get them to repair for you if out of warranty, works out much cheaper.

    The laser is the most likely issue, this has happened to me prior and I got the laser’s replaced and have had no issues since.

    First thing’s first though, ring the Sony Hotline. Then think about repairs.

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