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PS3 trophies wiped from console but still online fix?


My PS3 has been freezing whenever I would play a game or try to use it (a seperate problem) so I tried the rebuild database feature. The PS3 would shut off before it completed and it wouldn’t let me cancel. Instead I restored default settings to try to prevent it and that worked. However, my trophy list has shrank to what it was maybe year or few ago. It still says my level is unchanged and recent trophies appear on my profile so they must still be there. But how would I restore the list on my console? I’ve tried pressing Triangle to manually sync with server and that didn’t work. I have yet to try a game that’s been removed from the list to see if they show up.

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  1. well if the trophies were sync into your account then its saved no matter what it says on your ps3, its their in the PSN.

    but if you were to get trophies without sync’ing(not signing in) then your screwed when its gone.

    and i guess you found the solution yourself.

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