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ps3 to ps4 upgrade question?


i dont get it, does it upgrade the ps3 disk for the game to ps4 or it upgrade the ps3 system to ps4?

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  1. Neither , the upgrade program that is available for certain games lets you redeem a code you get with the ps3 disc version and pay only $10 for the ps4 DIGITAL download version of a game. you have to own the ps4 console and insert the ps3 game disc into the ps4 to activate the digital upgrade

    you download the ps4 game from psn but need the ps3 version to play it , this prevents people from just getting a $10 game on ps4 by using a code their ps3 friend gave them or just selling or trading in the ps3 version as soon as they get the ps4 upgrade code from the box. the ps3 disc has to be in the ps4 to activate the ps4 game every time unless you buy the full priced ps4 disc version later and delete the ps4 digital game

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