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PS3 sound problem via monitor&headset?


So today I tried to connect my PS3 to my computer monitor and it was succesful, I can playstation on my monitor but I don’t got any sound. I tried sound without headset I tried with speakers but the monitor keeps making a really annoying/loud ”ZZZZ” sound. I tried connecting my gaming headset to my playstation the ”G430” and it was succesful cus it said at settings that it was connected but the sound doesn’t work. The headset works perfectly for me on the computer but not on the PS3, I got PC/PS3/Headset sound on.

Any solutions?

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  1. The PS3 uses the HDMI cord to output visuals as well as sound. Some PC monitors may be able to receive video through an HDMI input, but require an auxiliary cord for sound. Unfortunately, the PS4 has no auxiliary output for sound. It does have an optical cable though.

    As for headsets, the PS3 (as i said before) can only outpt sound via HDMI or an optical cable. If your headset does not conect to the PS3 via an optical cable, it cannot receive game sounds.

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