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Ps3 slim- ps1 backwards compatibility?


I REAALALLYY want to play spider-man, from the year 2000. it was an original playstation game, and it was just titled “spider-man”. my ps2 and ps1 are broken, but i have a ps3 slim. i heard that ps3 slims have ps1 but not ps2 backward compatibilities. If it does, please tell me, and i’ll go and buy spiderman again. (my original one was destroyed by my cousin.)

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  1. Yes, all PlayStation 3 systems have backwards compatibility with PSOne games. There are also a bunch of PSOne games available for download through the PlayStation Store so check to see if there is the Spiderman game that you want in there, as well.

  2. Sorry, but that Spider man game is not compatible with the PS3 system’s 😀 You will not be able to play that game on the PS3. Not all the PS1 games can be play on the PS3. Hope that help 🙂

    you can serch which games are compatible with the PS3 here

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    or you can see this list

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