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Ps3 slim and the other one 10pts best answer?



So i want a Ps3 and i know there are two kinds. right? the slim and the other one

can you please tell me the differences and similarities. and why each one is better than the other?


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  1. There really isn’t any difference. The older version was fat. the new version is slimmer and smaller with more memory. They don’t work any differently really. Their look is just diffrent,that’s it. The original ps3 that came out years ago. Was big and fat. (i have one of them). It’s been a while since it’s release,and usually if a console is big and bulky when it’s released. Most likely they’ll release a slimmer,slicker version years later.Just because it’s.better.

  2. I have both the old and the new, the new being the slim.

    I’ll keep this short so you don’t have to read an essay about them both.

    •The slim is smaller, faster, has more memory, and has buttons for power/eject rather than touch sensative areas.

    •The old models have 4 usb ports (the slim has 2) and they have backwards compatability with PS2 games (the slim doesn’t).

    •The slim is more reliable than the old models (alot of people send in old models for repairs)

    •The slim has a rough textured finish while the old models have a sleek finish

    Both systems are fine, but I didn’t see the need for the slim until I started downloading titles from the PSN. I would reccomend the slim, given you purchase a usb extention-thing so you can have access to more than 2 ports. Its neccessary if you want to play rock band (haha)

  3. they are similar in most things exept in three things

    1 size that is smaller ( slim )

    2 weight that is very ligth ( slim)

    3 the hard disk that have bigger spaces ( slim )

    but shape of the other one is more beatiful and the size and the weigth are not important because u will use it in the home u will not transfer it continuely and the big hard space u will not use it cause u will not need it exept in films and songs and pic and the take small spaces but no other differences

    i bougth ps3 from 6 years when it was made inside from metal but today it made up from plastic

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