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PS3 questions. please answer?


1. Do God of War collection volumes 1 and 2 have better graphics than GOW 3 for PS3? Are they better than GOW3? or is it just the storylines. I have never played GOW and I am thinking of buying GOW 3 directly and not collection volumes. will this be correct.

2. Which Assassin Creed game is the best in the series for PS3? Rate in terms of graphics and entertainment value only.

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  1. God of War: Origins Collection is an remake of two PSP games. The controls suffer a little bit and the graphics aren’t quite as good. God Of War Collection is the first 2 PS3 games on one disk. They are much more closer to God of War 3 in terms of graphics and gameplay.

    Personally the best way to play the games in my opinion is the order of their time within the store. So it would go like this:

    God of War: Ascension (Relese Date: March 12, 2013)

    God of War: Chains of Olympus (God of War: Origins Collection)

    God of War 1 (God of War: Collection)

    God Of War: Ghost of Sparta (God of War: Origins Collection)

    God of War 2 (God of War: Collection)

    God of War 3

    Now, if you just want to buy one game and get the most enjoyment and story out of it get God of War: Collection. After you beat GoW2 you’ll automatically run out to a local story to buy 3 to see the ending of the story. Even if you have to eat ramen noodles for a week to afford it.

  2. idk about god of war, but for assassins creed personally i like the first and brotherhood, but i would wait for the 3rd, it looks really good

  3. GOW collections are games developed for PS2 and PSP, these are lower spec machines so the graphics are inferior to GOW 3. They’re not bad though, as they have been remastered to make them High Definition. The games are all fairly similar otherwise so it doesn’t really matter which you play.

    I’ve only played AC2 but it was great for both graphics and entertainment value. I wouldn’t bother with the first one as it is generally regarded as too repetitive.

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