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PS3? Please help me with your opinion!?


I have had an Xbox 360 for years now, since it came out. I am thinking of getting a PS3 what does everybody think?

1. Is it a good console?

2. How are the games on it? Godd?

3. Is it a hard transition back and forth, from Xbox 360 to PS3?

I am worried I will be buying it for only one game, I like imfamous 2 and thats what got me wanting it but I dont want to buy it for one game of coure. I will most likely still play COD on my Xbox so What does everyone think? Should I buy the PS3? Please answer the questions and give me any other insight you have and wish to share!

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  1. if your only gonna get the system to play one game, just see if you can borrow the system from a friend or something. then what you do is get the game that u want (imfamous 2) used from gamestop, play the s#!+ outta that game for a week, then return the game before 7 days. wait a week and repeat the process until your sick of the game. but to answer your questions. 1, its a GREAT console, ive had mine since they came out and it’s still running great. 2, it has alot of the same games a xbox, but the select few such as imfamous2, killzone 2/3, and MAG are awesome. 3, after playing the xbox as long as you have, the controller is probably natural to your hands. but you’ll have some trouble at first getting used to the ps3 controller. but even if you get really good at the ps3, once you pick up an xbox controller again, it will probably take like 3 mins for you to get used to it again. i’ve gone through the same thing because i own a ps3 but my cousin has a 360 and i went there alot when we first got our new consoles.

  2. The playstation is a very good console, I only play one game on there, that would be call of duty. In my opinion I think the ps3 is better for online games just because all you need is internet. You don’t have to go threw all the play time cards and stuff. On the other hand people tend to hack the ps3 a lot more, it went down one time for almost 2 months, maybe more. My friend has an Xbox and he plays on my playstation all the time, doesn’t seem to have a problem with the switch.

  3. Yes ps3 is a good console.

    There are more exclusive games on ps3 than xbox

    and the transition is very easy, u get used to it in seconds.

    God of wars, uncharted, crysis 2, tomb raider and many other amazing games, And mostly people end up buying both console as you should do if you have money. I would not recommend selling xbox any way its as good as ps3. The extra points ps3 comes with is.

    -It has blu ray in same price

    – Free movie downloads

    -Free online

    So its worth buying!

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  4. The Playstation 3 is perfect. This will be my second one because I need one for the bedroom. I have a phat ps3 and now a new slim. The slim is much smaller and stealthy quiet. So far I like it more and it stays cleaner looking than the phat but i do miss the touch sensitive buttons. I’ve owned a ps3 for 4 years with no problems and i love it. great blu ray, best games, surround sound, full hd, and the free psn. Nothing compairs

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