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ps3: pics, vids and music won’t load?


I got my ps3 about a month ago and it says that it can import and play videos, music and images from a usb flash drive (stick). I decided to try this but loading one short video, one jpeg video and one song (all from windows vista). But while the ps3 was able to detect the usb flash stick, it was not able to detect any pics, vids or music.

Am I doing something wrong here? are the pics, vids and music supposed to be purchased from the playstation store? or are they supposed to be from a sony vaio computer? or are they supposed to be a certain file type only?


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  1. highlight the usb drive and press triangle, then press “display all”. it should show anything on the usb drive, then all you do is highlight what you want to put on you’re ps3, then press triangle again and press “copy” and then you’re done.

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