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PS3 MW3 servers down?


Earlier today i switched on my ps3 and loaded modern warfare 3, there was an update that wanted to install (v1.20 i think) so it went ahead and installed (around 70mb). Now i cant seem to get on the online multiplayer, it says connecting to servers for a good 30 seconds before a message pops up saying:

The call of duty:modern warfare 3 server is not available at this time. please try again later or vist *URL* for updates.

I checked the website but it always says deathcon 5 -.-

why isnt this working?

(and no d ickhead comments either!)

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  1. That happened to me too. Just keep trying about 5 times and if it doesn’t work then turn off the ps3 for 12-16 hours and try again. It works now.

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