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PS3 Help! Please!!?


Okayy when I turn it off should I turn it off by the system of switch off it in the back. I don’t want my ps3 to burn out on me so which way should I do it. Flip the switch off in the back or do the thing on the controller and system.

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  1. press and hold the ps button on the controller then press turn system off. when the green light on the front turns red that means its in standby mode. when its in standby mode just switch the button on the back to save electricity;)

  2. Press the touch button on the front, it won’t “burn out” as you put it, ever.

    If you really are that concerned turn it off using the front button then flip the switch at the back once it’s in Standby mode, but you should never flip the switch while the console is still on for the same reason you shouldn’t with a Computer (it can cause data corruption and hardware errors)

  3. The ONLY time I have ever flipped the switch in the back is when my game had completely frozen the system. I always leave it standby because it is actually better for the system then turning it on and off completely every time. However if you are in Europe you may be required to turn it off completely by law. In that case make sure it is in standby then flip the switch.

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