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PS3 Head Set?


My brother’s birthday is coming up and I want to get him one of those headsets so that you can listen and talk when you play games with other players online (like in COD). Do I need to buy a headset specifically made for a PS3 and does it come with other equipment that I’ll need to get too? Like a connecter or something? I’m pretty much video game-icly challenged so I appreciate the help.

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  1. Well almost any wireless bluetooth headset will work. Ideally you want one for the PS3. Alot of gamers prefer “Turtle Beach” headsets as they have surround sound and can give you an advantage in hearing, other household members may also like the fact that they change the game sounds from the tv to the headset. (No more explosions coming from his room at 1am) I’d recommend shopping at a video game store like Gamestop they can be helpful and they generally know there products.

    Third Party (Not made by Sony PS3) Wireless Bluetooth Headsets you could get for 20$-30$

    Sony PS3 Headsets usually start around 40$-50$

    Turtle Beach Wired Headsets usually start around 100$+

  2. you can use any cheap or expensive bluetooth

    look up on youtube how to connect ur blue tooth to ps3 cuz that was confusing for me

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