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Ps3 hdmi cable problem?


i just bought a ps3 hdmi cable and hooked it up. when i turn on the ps3 a message comes up and says that it has been detected. it says yes or no if i want to use it. when i say yes the screen goes black. once it is black i cant do anything on the ps3.how do i fix this?

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  1. I’ve had this problem a couple times before. Try this.

    When you hook up your PS3, try hooking up your HDMI AND your basic AV RYW cable to the tv as well. Go to your AV input and turn on your PS3 BUT keep your finger on the button until you hear a 2nd beep. This beep will reset all the settings to normal, so you’ll have to redo your theme and background but oh well. Go to your display settings and change the output to HDMI. Then switch to your HDMI input station and accept it to whatever.

    Sometimes I just hook my HDMI only and it will pop up and I will accept, but like you said.the screen will stay black. The step above has always worked for me, so try that.

    Hope it works!

  2. there is sumthing wrong with the ps3 tc settings, try to match the settings with your tv features, OR its the game itself sumgames don’t play sum specific hdtv resolution, however before doing this call sony, they are the professionals here.

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