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Ps3 Hard Drive question, please helppp?


Basically, my 60GB PS3 got the YLOD, now my Dad gave me a deal, where I trade my broken 60GB for his perfectly fine 80GB.

I have PS Plus, and I cannot use it with my newly given PS3 because of the 5 systems bug. So I have asked my Dad for a Hard drive swap, because it also has my game saves on. So basically this means my new 80GB PS3 will actually have a 60GB HDD, and the broken PS3 will now have an 80GB HDD.

My Dad wants to sell the broken PS3 on Ebay, because people buy them with the YLOD for quite alot of money. But he was wondering whether exchanging these will infact affect the selling, or void the warranty. I dont think it does void the warranty though, because it doesnt involve breaking any seals. Also, he wasnt sure whether people would not want to buy the 60GB with an 80GB HDD, because it has a different memory capacity. But surely that would be better, please just tell me whether doing this is safe.

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  1. There are multiple problems you are going to run into here.

    1. Once you take any HDD out of a ps3 & put it into another one the first thing it will do is FORCE a hdd format (earse all data & start over) there is NO WAY AROUND this so dont even bother trying.

    2. Yes people will pay for backwards compatable ps3 online with YLOD, but “quite a lot of money” is a gross overstatement, people will buy them but they are dammaged you are not going to get a lot of money for them, you will get some but not a lot.

    3. You mentioned will swapping out a hdd void the warranty, if you have a b/c ps3 the warranty eneded years ago, the waranty from sony was/is only good for 1 year.

    4. As long as the ps3 is backwards compatable i wouldnt assume the lack of 20gb would harm your sellability to much, most people would swap out a bigger hdd regardless of what hdd you have in there.

  2. Dude, IDK what to tell you, but I guess it won’t matter. When you change HDs, you lose your memory because it is assigned to that PS3. You CAN retrieve your profile though. Just delete it of the 60 gig, and sign ito it on the 80.

    Good Luck 🙂

  3. 1. Seal or no seal if you open it you will void the warranty, so don`t do it. Bc if something should happen and they find out you opened it, then they don’t know if it was you or the device. To not spend money on fixing it, they will get political and say that you opened it and damaged your self. So its all up to you but I upgraded my hdd, and yes I voided it so if something should happen than I have to buy a new. Its really that simple.

    2. You can`t use a hdd that belongs to one ps3, in another its to prevent piracy.

    3. Your dad could sell it bc people will take out parts and use them for there ps3 or whatnot.

    4. If you can`t get your new ps3 that your dad gave you, to sign to the ps3, then either make a new user name in the XMB or format the hdd.

    To make a new user go to the Users tab in the XMB and scroll down to Create New User, then enter the name you want and press okay.

    If the make new user name doesn’t work then format the hdd, I know it will delete everything but you do want to use it right. Anyway here is how you format it.

    Settings -> System Settings -> Format Utility -> Format Hard Disk.

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